Yes, the design will take the size, age and type of tree into consideration. Where the tree is not large enough to support a Treehouse, it is possible to use stilts and build around the tree rather than in it. We believe the most important factor is the location of your Treehouse. How far from the main house do you want your Treehouse, and what views can you really make the most of? Needless to say, if you have a fantastic tree in a great location, it’s probably crying out for a Treehouse – but if the Treehouse is to be built on stilts, it really can go anywhere.

The cost of our structures depends on the design, as each one is individually created for its unique setting. Play Structures can start from as little as £14,000, ‘Garden Dens’ begin at £12,500 and our Treehouse from £16,000. The average price for our work is around £20,000. (All prices are plus VAT).

Again, every job is different and the weather is an important factor, but in general most projects take three to four weeks. We will build what we can in our workshop, so only about half the time will be spent on site. We should be able to give you a better idea of time scales during our survey.

Nothing that we do should harm the tree in any way. The age, size and type of tree will be taken into consideration when building the Treehouse. A gap will always be left for the tree to move – and if needed a sheet rubber is used to form a water proof seal. We have an approved tree protection policy which we implement on every job. We view looking after the trees as an essential part of our work.

This is a large part of the skill in building Treehouses. We will always leave a gap for the tree to grow. Allowances for this will be considered as early as the design stage and carefully implemented during the build. Every tree and every job is different, so bespoke solutions are always required.

In short, decades – if you look after them! Treehouse are much like cars, if they receive a bit of maintenance from time to time, they should last a very long time. A quick pressure wash and a coat of stain every year will ensure your Treehouse looks great and has a longer life span. We go to great lengths to ensure only the best materials are used, all timber is pressure treated and coated with a preservative – which gives our Treehouse a superior level of protection against rot and decay. We have also developed clever building techniques to ensure the longevity of the timber (ask us for details during a survey and we will be happy to tell you more).

Yes, depending on our current work load we are happy to send the team back to freshen up the Treehouse. It’s a great way to keep it lookng great and, most importantly, keep it safe for everyone using it. Depending on the time of year, we can be very busy, so please be patient.

Yes, we have a full Health and Safety policy which available on request.

No problem!! Most of our work is built on stilts – so they really can go anywhere. We can breathe life into any secluded (or even neglected) part of the garden. Selecting the right location for you, the family and for the garden is absolutely key to the success of building a magical hideaway.

Please give us a ring. We would be happy to discuss your ideas and to book a survey.
One of the design team will come to your home, show you the portfolio and measure the site. We can discuss the sort of things you are looking for and the kind of styles that you like. We will then produce a full set of drawings and send them to you via email (there is normally a fee of £500+VAT for this service).

We always prefer to. That way our experienced designers can look at the site and get an essential insight into the proposed area. We often spot things that our client has not seen or even thought about. We feel it is important to observe a garden before you can design something to go in it. That way the treehouse will work in harmony with its surroundings, and will not be an overpowering or dominating feature in the garden. We pride ourselves on working with what is already there, and allowing the site itself to help shape the design. After all, no two Treehouses are ever really the same!

Of course. We expect you to. The designs that we produce are not set in stone, and we welcome input from you (and the family). Often kids come up with great ideas for Treehouses (finger print recognition door locks, windows in the floor etc).
We offer a very flexible approach to our work and we can even make changes on site during the build if you require. We understand it is often hard to really get a feel for a project until you are actually standing inside it. Our friendly Treehouse installers will always be keen to hear your thoughts.